Fair solar energy made in Europe

Committed to build the first polysilicon factory based on renewable energy

The EU intends to bring back the solar energy value chain to Europe to create strategic autonomy for one of the key pillars of the energy transition.

European Raw Materials Act

Clear targets have been set in the European Raw Materials Act, specifically for the solar industry and its strategic raw material polysilicon. 40% of the European demand is required to be produced within the EU by 2030. Currently, however, over 90% of the polysilicon manufacturing capacity is in China.


Now is the opportunity to create strategic independence and create low carbon footprint solar panels by producing high quality polysilicon based on renewable energy in Europe.

The market

The market for polysilicon is soaring, due to the energy transition and the EU Green Deal there is the need to significantly increase production capacity for polysilicon. Polysilicon is a raw material required for 3 growth markets

  1. Solar PV
  2. Semiconductor
  3. Silicon anodes for batteries

EU-installed solar capacity needs to quadruple from 200 to 750 GWp by 2030. To meet this target, EU polysilicon factories are required. At least a production capacity amounting to 150.000 MT/year. Two major drivers determine competitiveness in the solar industry, lower panel costs and higher efficiencies. High purity, constant quality and security of supply are paramount for our customers. The RESi initiative forms a great opportunity to meet the EU’s and its customers’ targets.

The semiconductor market is facing similar challenges, and with the dependency on China, as PV. The need to install more local (EU) supply is required. The EU Chips Act aims to double production capacity by 2030. The global semiconductor market is projected to grow by a CAGR of 12.2% until 2030. It shows a clear growth need in polysilicon production capacity supply.

The silicon anodes market is showing great potential. A silicon anode battery is a type of lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery where the anode is replaced by silicon nanotubes or silicon coating. This has multiple advantages over ordinary lithium or graphite anodes. The silicon enables long life and high energy storage, resulting in a significantly longer-lasting battery. The current EV battery range will triple when equipped with silicon anodes. This market also opens up the potential to supply silane, a by-product of the polysilicon production process. The global Silicon Anode Battery market size is estimated to be worth USD 222.7 million in 2022 and is forecast to a readjusted size of USD 771.3 million by 2028 with a CAGR of 23.0%.

The Technology

RESi BV will use state-of-the-art proven Siemens Technology. Significant improvements have been made to reduce electricity consumption and capital investments (reactors).

RESi BV will select an experienced EPC contractor with experience in US and China projects and a technology partner with a long history at a global technology partner. With the help of these companies RESi BV will be able to produce high quality polysilicon (9N-10N). The layout of the factory will also offer the production of semi-conductor quality(11N) at a later stage.

We are proud to contract these companies in order to design the best-in-class factory.

In addition, recycling of waste polysilicon will be part of the project.

Overall model view

Storage and purification area

Off-gas recovery area

Vent gass treatment area

Deposition hall outside

Deposition hall inside

Cooling water system

Product handling building

Key project data

01. Initial Capacity 13.500 MT/a 

02. Total investment first phase:
            EUR 800-900 million

03. Plant site: 22ha

04. FTE: 250

05. First silicon out Q4 2026

06. Full production 2027
           Second phase: 27.000MT/a


RESi BV is working with a consortium of energy suppliers, raw material suppliers, EPC contractor, technology provider and R&D center. The contract partners will be announced shortly.


Feasibility study: finished end 2023

Basic Engineering: available end 2024

Permitting, Building and construction: 2024-2026

First silicon out: Q4 2026

Solar Panels


RESi BV has been founded by entrepreneurs with more than 25 years experience in the solar industry. The team covers a great knowledge of all aspects of the industry from low materials to end products. In fact, more than 10 years have been spent to study polysilicon manufacturing opportunities within The Silicon Mine project. We have deep industry expertise and understand customer needs. Our experience includes a great existing network covering the European market. Besides in-depth expertise of the solar industry the team brings in a broad background in management, marketing, sales, sourcing, chemical and mechanical engineering and entrepreneurial leadership.

RESi BV will respect the environment and human rights.


RESi BV is looking for great entrepreneurial professionals who like to contribute to this project. The company is looking in different stages to increase FTE capacity. MT expansion, chemical engineers, operators, utility managers, it, purchasing etc. The coming year the team will be most active in Eindhoven, NL area. In case you are the right one to contribute do not hesitate to make yourself known. We will do our upmost to review the submissions promptly.



Fair solar energy made in Europe

Now is the opportunity to create strategic independence and create low carbon footprint solar panels by producing high quality polysilicon based on renewable energy in Europe.


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